Mobile dog grooming
in Des Moines, IA and the surrounding area.
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Contact Me

Call or e-mail and tell us about your dog.  
What age, breed and gender is your dog?
    Example: “Jake is a 2 year old male great dane.”
What type of coat do they have?  
    Example: “Jake has short hair but he is shedding a lot.”
How much does your dog weigh?
    Example: “Jake weighed 58 lb. last time we weighed him.”
Has your dog ever been groomed before?
    Example: “Jake has never seen a groomer but we sometimes bath him
in the yard with a hose.”

How long since the last time your dog was groomed?
    Example: “Jessie was last groomed two months ago and she usually
sees the groomer every four weeks.”

If sending an email, please include your phone number and location.

Be honest, we don’t mind.  We love dogs and our quiet, one-on-one atmosphere makes grooming less stressful for hyper and high-stress dogs.